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Friday, 17 March 2017

Propitiation [ John 3 v16]

Now I mentioned in my last devotional the importance of preaching, and indeed believing the whole truth, which God expects us to do. Now there was a person called C. H. Dodd who was uneasy with the whole idea of God manifesting wrath, it appeared inconceivable ,he took exception, to the word propitiation,'' which refers to satisfying or setting aside wrath,'' Dodd
would not accept this, And he committed the awful crime that no translator should commit, he changed propitiation, to ,expiation which refers to cancelling sin, in Romans 3 v25,and the two references in 1 John 2 v2/4 v10,propitiation is omitted. This is something that J Ws do especially in relation to the deity of Christ. Unfortunately  he has his followers,people
who continue to shy away from God, manifesting wrath. Dodd denied that
Gods wrath was personal. The fact of the matter is ,right throughout the
Bible God personally deals with those who sinned, both in the Old and in the New. The fact is this when Christ died on the cross, he experienced the
wrath of God ,that all who believe in Him would not. We cannot appease God, it is God alone, in order to do that. I quote D.A.Carson'' God the Father is thus the propitiator, and the propitiated, and God the Son is the
                                               A  prayer.
Dear God help us to see how awful our fate will be, if we do know Jesus as our own and personal Saviour Amen.

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

I am not an entertainer [ 1 Corinthians 9 v 16 ]

Dr Martyn Jones, having preached a sermon on the wrath of God, and having called it ' a controlling conception' of Romans where it occurs ten times, the said,'' I confess freely, I cannot understand a jocular evangelist Go back and read the lives of the men whom God has used in the mightiest manner, an you will invariably find that they were serious man,  sober men, men with the fear of the Lord in them''. Of course people do not want to hear about judgement, and sad to say there are many preachers, who do not
preach it, because they cannot come to terms with it. We must leave them with God who will judge all things,[James 3 v1 ],but I must remain faithful
to my calling to teach and preach the whole counsel of God. Recently I spoke to a Salvation officer, who said ,''we are doing those we minister to ,no favours when we do not mention sin''. In witnessing to someone recently ,the said person ''there you go mentioning sin again''. The awfulness of the cross reminds us of the awfulness of sin, and the absolute importance, of what the cross is all about. Without our Saviours death on the cross, every human being, would be lost in Hell, and would never enter Heaven, can never enter in ,it is impossible, as long as we have not had our sins forgiven.[Revelation 21 v27] Heaven is open to all those who ask Jesus to save them, and have  their sin forgiven. John 3 v36 reads,'' Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God's wrath remains on him''.

                                            A  Prayer.
Dear God help us to be faithful and to proclaim the whole truth of your word, in Jesus name Amen.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Peace be still [ Mark 4 v 35-40]

I was out walking, it was a lovely day, reminding me that winter is slowly going, I also noticed that there where blossoms on some trees. There was a wind blowing, a soft wind, not cold but pleasant, depending were it comes from, will determine what sort of wind it will be. But today it was a soft wind, tomorrow it could be a cold, and destructive wind, it caused me to think, how life is full of situations, in which we feel we are in a storm ,or we find ourselves, in a destructive storm, like a hurricane. Now of course I am using the wind as an illustration, of what live is like, none of us have control over the wind, it blows whatever way it chooses, or rather whatever way God chooses[Psalm 148 v8].Yes today a soft wind, tomorrow ,God knows, and most  important He is in control, the disciples where in a storm and Jesus was with them,[Mark 4 v35-40], the Lord is always with us. The
disciples were scared out of their lives, and so they go to Jesus who was sleeping, The wake Him with words,'' Master carest thou not that we perish?
They felt they were going to perish, but more than that they felt that He did not care. They were wrong on both accounts, they did not perish, and He most differently did care, Jesus rose up, rebuked the wind, spoke to the sea,
''Peace be still'', and the wind ceased and there was a great calm.

                             And He said unto them ,
                             Why are ye so fearful?
                              how is it that ye have
                              no faith.?
                              [Mark 4 v39]

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Fear not. [Psalm 48 v14 ]

                                          I will pilot you.

                                 Sometimes when my faith
                                 would falter,
                                 And no sunlight I can see.
                                 I  just lift my eyes to Jesus,
                                 A I whisper, pilot me.

                                 Fear thou not for, I'll be
                                 with thee,
                                 I will still thy pilot be,
                                 Never mind the tossing billows,
                                 Take my hand and trust in Me.

                                 Often when my soul is weary,
                                 And the day seems oh so long,
                                 I just look up to my pilot
                                 And I hear this blessed song.

                                 Fear  thou not for, I'll be
                                 with thee.
                                 I will still thy pilot be,
                                 Never mind the tossing billows,
                                 Take my hand and trust in Me.
                                    [Words by S. Whitman ]

                                The Lord will guide you always.
                                         Isaiah 58 v11.




Monday, 13 March 2017

Ignorance is not bliss. [ Matthew 28 v 18- 20]

I was speaking to a retired nurse, and asked why is it, that years ago so many people died in childbirth. Her answer was very simple, infection, in other words if more care had been taken with hygiene issues, many, many ,lives would have been saved .I suppose people were ignorant as to the dangers of infection, and put it down to one of those things. Ignorance is defined as lacking knowledge and education, in so many countries many people are still dying through lack of knowledge and education. But there is another aspect to ignorance, people are embracing, false religion, with dire consequences. because they have never heard the Gospel of our Lord Jesus
Christ . Now I know God is sovereign, but the fact is , they need to hear about Christ. We are saved ,because someone told us about Jesus, and the Spirit of God, used that to bring us to our Saviour. Could it be that many of us have been slack in not telling others the good news. Consider these challenging words from Romans 10 v 13ff.

                         ''Everyone who calls on the name of the
                           Lord, will be saved. How ,then, can they
                           call on the one they have not believed in?
                           And how can they believe in the one of
                           whom they have not heard? And how can
                           hear without someone preaching to them?''

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Against all the odds [ Romans 5 v 6-8 ]

I was watching a nice movie, called Hugo, about a young lad who was left to fend for himself in a railway station. He was good at fixing things, and near the  end of the movie, an old man who had been a famous movie maker but had withdrawn from the public gaze. Hugo had helped him to as it were to make a come back,declares , that his come back was due to a young man[ Hugo ]''who saw a broken machine, and against all the odds fixed it.' ''Those words struck a cord with me, for I am reminded of another young man called Jesus ,who saw a world full of people ,whose lives were broken, and against all the odds, he fixed them . I can think of so many people ,who were broken by their sinful ways, and broken by this sinful world, and against all the odds  He fixed them. I will leave you with the words of a gospel hymn I used to sing, it is called ,''Broken pieces.''

                                 Have you failed in life's battle ,
                                 to accomplish your plan?
                                 Is your heart heavy laden?
                                 do you fear the Lord's command.?.

                                 You may feel there's no hope
                                 broken hearts just cannot mend.
                                 Tho you're torn in many pieces,
                                 Christ can make you whole again.

                                 Pick up the broken pieces
                                 and bring them to the Lord.
                                 Pick up the broken pieces,
                                 trust in His holy Word;
                                 He will put them back together
                                 and make your life complete,
                                 Just place the broken pieces
                                 at the Saviour's feet.

                                    [Words Ruby Kitchen ]

Saturday, 11 March 2017

I did not sign up for that. [ Hebrews 11 ]

I was watching a movie and one of the characters in the movie, said ,''I didn't sign up for that''. When we accepted Christ, we received forgiveness
of all our sins, acceptance with God ,the gift of eternal life, which yes includes never ending existence, but our dear Saviour, ''defined its life in terms of knowing Him, and knowing the Father''[ John 17v 3 ][ J. Stott].
again as  J.Stott puts it ''a present possession and a future hope''. What a
blessing ,we diffidently signed up for that, but with these blessing we are faced with the challenge of following Jesus, walking the walk, of trusting
Him day by day, whatever befalls us. It is possible we may say well I didn't sign up for that, as you view a broken marriage, ill health, financial difficulties ,the loss of someone, persecution, unanswered  prayer, unloving Christians, and so it goes on. We do not want these things, well nobody wants them, the fact of the matter is we can experience many of these things and more. The fact is when  we trust Jesus to save us, it does not remove us from  the difficulties of life,that means we are to trust our Saviour ,come what may. That is the challenge  every child of God is faced with , when we trusted Jesus,we  really did sign up to follow Him come what may.

                                   My times are in Thy hand;
                                   My God, I wish them there;
                                   My life ,my friends, my soul I leave
                                   Entirely to Thy care.

                                   My times are in Thy hand;
                                   Whatever they may be;
                                   Pleasing or painful,dark or bright,
                                   As best may seem to Thee.

                                   My times are in Thy hand
                                   Why should I doubt or fear?
                                   A Father's hand will never  cause
                                   His child a needless tear.

                                   My times are in Thy hand;
                                   Jesus the Crucified;
                                   The hand my cruel sins have pierced
                                   Is now my guard and guide.
                                  [Words by H.F. Lyte]