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Friday, 9 December 2016

The fire is extinguished [Isaiah 53 ]

Let us return to that verse in Leviticus 6 v13,''The fire must be kept burning
on the altar continuously, it must not go out''. Consider what this may mean
in relation to Christ ,for as Derek Tidball writes,'' The ultimate significance of  Leviticus finds its fulfilment in Christ''.It was John the Baptist who called Jesus the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.[ John 1v29],and in that great chapter of Isaiah 53,we read of one who was a lamb
being led to the slaughter[v7 ].Now consider those words in Leviticus as regards the fire on the altar not going out. In Hebrews 12v29 and Deuteronomy 4 v24, we are told that God is a consuming fire, the animals
that were sacrificed by fire, reminds us of Gods wrath  being poured out, continually. All through Israel's history the fire on the altar would continually be as it were be poured out on the animals that were sacrificed. So it would continue until the lamb of God, Jesus would experience the wrath of God for all who would be saved, in other words the wrath of God that was their due would be extinguished, they would be saved from wrath to come.[1 Thessalonians 1v10]For as we are told in Isaiah 53 v10,that it was the Lords will to crush him, the result would be ,those who trusted in Him would not be crushed.So it is that on a coming day those who have not trusted Him will be crushed.

                           The wrath of God that was my due
                            upon the Lamb was laid.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Do it. .[Philippians 2 5 -11]

In the book of Leviticus 6 v13 we read that ,''The fire must be kept burning on the altar continually it must not go out'' First of we see it was a command of God, let us consider what it meant for them, it meant what it said, it was as simple as that, God said it they must simple do it. there's was to reason why ,there's was to obey .May be there were those serving in the tabernacle,
may have  thought it was beneath them to do that job. Listen any job, task God gives us to do is important,no matter what it is. Consider that great an important lesson Jesus taught us when he took a bowl of water, and washed the disciples feet. He said'', I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you[John 13 v15]Jesus said that He was a servant[Luke 22v27],  consider those awe inspiring words we read in Philippians 2v6-7,''Who being in the very nature  God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped ,but made Himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant''. Today the challenge comes afresh to us to serve,
no if's or but's, do it, no matter how lowly a task it is.
                                            A  prayer.
Dear Lord as you served others, so help us all to be  obedient servants, Amen.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

We prayed. [ Acts 12 v12 ]

We prayed. A fellow Christian has Parkinson, when my wife called to see  his wife, she was distressed, her husband was not responding in her efforts to wake him up. My wife phoned me asking me to inform the prayer chain that is set up in our fellowship. This I did and of course I prayed for him, later in the morning ,my wife and I called to see them, and the good news was ,the brother was awake, and reasonably bright, I heard the lady saying that it was an answer to prayer. We prayed,have faith, yes ,faith when you pray, that God hears and answers our prayers. I know there are things we pray about and they are not answered, or so it appears, but the fact is this, we are encouraged and challenged to pray, and keep praying, trusting God whose ways are perfect, and one who will never cause his children to shed a needless tear. So keep on praying,and when we get to heaven we will be surprised to discover just how many times God has intervened, on behalf of others, because we prayed.

                                       By Thy birth,Thy cross,Thy passion,
                                       By Thy tears of deep compassion,
                                       By Thy mighty intercession,
                                       Lord and Saviour,help us.
                                        [Words Henry Alford ]

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Think spiritually [Psalm 73 ]

In a movie ,one he character is looking down on someone she loved, she was breaking her heart, because he was dead. She looks to a friend who is standing by, and asks why does it hurt so much, and he replies, because it was real. A person I know who lost his wife many years ago, and yet he still
mourns her death, and he asks the same question that the character asked in that movie, why after all those years does it hurt so much, and the reply is the same as was spoken in the movie, ''because it was real''. How does one cope, how are you coping with your losses and cross's?. The godly people 
in the bible experienced  trials, observed the evil ,and struggled to cope
with what they saw and were going through. I have been following Selwyn
Hughes comments on Psalm 73,which I have found helpful. It is all about a man who was struggling, he did not blurt out his doubts to anyone but sought God, and received an answer. Selwyn points out that the man had been allowing a human viewpoint to dominate his thinking rather than thinking spiritually about his problem. Ultimately Selwyn writes ,''the problems and difficulties of life are all spiritual, so the sooner we learn to think spiritually the better we will be''. That man who lost his wife ,whom he loved dearly,told me looks at a verse which reads,'' And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God''[Romans 8 v28 ],and those words comfort Him, even though he does not fully understand the reason why his wife died, so it is, like him we must think spiritually,
                                      A  prayer.
Dear God help us to think spiritually, to resist the temptation, to give into
doubt and despair, in Jesus name Amen.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Are you thirsty. [ John 4 v 10- 15 ]

I have just purchased a smart TV, I don't thing I will be smart enough to use it other than for ordinary TV. Why is it called a smart TV?, has it been to 
university?, how many O, OR A, levels has it? It again bears in upon me how things have changed, an older brother said they had when he was young a TV, with an nine inch screen. Modern TV screens are getting bigger and bigger. there was time long ago when it was questionable to have TV,it was considered worldly. Now ,that has all changed, leaders of a church years ago, forbid their members to own a TV, but now those same leaders are appearing on TV.I wonder if the thought ,man shall not live for TV alone, is  appropriate for this generation?, we could also apply to  so many things, to  sport ,to buying ,to sex. Do we live in sex grazed world?we can make gods of anything, and everything. I knew a person when he was dying ,he found it hard that he would not be able to drive his car.In our home group we have been looking at the book of Ecclesiastes, it was written by Solomon because he was so rich, and so powerful, he tried everything possible,but in the end, found so much that he tried, pointless ,and meaningless. God speaking of his people, said they had forsaken Him, the spring of living water, for that which could not satisfy.[Jeremiah 2 v 13 ]. It is our Saviour who cried out,''If anyone is thirsty , let him come unto me and drink.[John7 v 37]
                                  Are you thirsty?

Sunday, 4 December 2016

I'm accepted. [ Romans 5 v1- 11 ]

Let us remember that all Gods children are precious to Him, He has no favourites. As you listen to certain Christians, it appears they have a greater
position before God than you and I, but it is not true. For we are all accepted equally, by Jesus, none of us are left out in the cold. When I was younger I help run a football team,  we had to leave people out of the team, that is alright in sport, but when it comes to God ,it is about being part of a family.Jacob had a favourite son Joseph, that caused so much trouble. The family was torn apart by it, jealousy, hatred filled the hearts of  those who
felt less loved. Today I want us all to grasp the truth that we are all loved equally by our loving heavenly Father. He loves his bright children and those not so bright, the gifted children and those who are not so gifted.God
is not swayed by a persons success, nor a persons failure, let us take comfort
this day ,because God loves us, nothing can change that, nor will change that.

                             I'm accepted, I'm forgiven,
                             I am fathered by the true and living God.
                             I'm accepted, no condemnation,
                             I am loved by the true and living God.
                             There's no guilt or fear as I draw near,
                             to the Saviour and Creator of the world.
                             There is joy and peace as I release
                              my worship to You, O Lord.
                               [ Words by Rob Hayward ]


Saturday, 3 December 2016

Money. [ Psalm 23 ]

Whither we like it or not ,money is an important part of our lives, we need it to live on, The challenge for the Christian, is to not love money, we need it,
without it ,we would be in difficulties. It is no joke to find yourself with no money, there are times when I had none, when I was young ,money was very scarce, I don't know how my mother managed to feed us and cloth us,
but somehow we got through. I remember a friend of mine, telling me of a time when he had no money, he was Christian, was hungry, so he did something unusual, he went into a cafe and ordered something to eat. When the food came he bowed his head and give thanks to God. He discovered someone had paid for his food, a customer in the cafe, had said to himself
that if he saw someone saying grace,he would pay for that persons meal.
From experience I have proved that God is faithful,our faith can be tried
but God has promised to meet our needs.[ Philippians 4 v19],so trust Him.
                                             A prayer.
Dear Father God we thank you that you will look after all your Children,
and meet their needs, through Jesus your Son Amen.